Milano art guide

My drawing when I drawn in this quarantine time, is published in the art project "THE COLOURING BOOK" by Milano art guide.

This project want to be support for people in this quarantine time to draw at home, in the hospital and the facilities. You can draw with color on the several drawings of the artists. You can download every drawing for free and use as a coloring book.

After pandemics I couldn't go to my atelier, that's why I drawn with pencil on the paper at home. It made my feeling calmed down, and I would be very grateful if someone to use it as a coloring book and to be calmed with this drawing. Please stay safe and stay healthy further.

自粛生活の中で描いたドローイングが、ミラノアートガイドのアートプロジェクト〈THE COLOURING BOOK〉に掲載されました。





Art auction

Friday 08.11.2019
6 pm Vernissage
7. 30 pm stating the auction
Auctioneer : Georg Untersalmberger
Classic Remise Berlin
Sickingenstraße 60, 10553 Berlin
Catalog under

I am happy to announce that my painting Meerader 2 is selected for the art auction by round table 5. On Friday 8. November from 6 pm is a opening and from 7.30 pm will be starting the art auction at Classic Remise Berlin, Sickingenstraße 60, 10553 Berlin Germany.

The proceeds from the art auction will benefit the service projects every year. Its focus is on supporting and promoting disadvantaged children and adolescents. Here it focus on Berlin and selected international projects.
I had painted this painting after the great catastrophe in Northeast Japan in 2011. It was really connected my feeling to my hometown where was half destroyed by that catastrophe. Now my hometown is reconstructing step by step, and i could see there the beautiful sea again in this year. So i am relief that i can give this painting someone else who want to have it. This painting Meerader 2 is a middle size (140 x 150 cm). This size is quit good for hanging at the home or the office. I wish very much this painting makes someone Else's life happier and calmer!


Group exhibition

-I can’t recall the melody, but it was beautiful-

curated by Vu Hoang

Participating artists:
Dana Engfer
Mara Klein
Monica Levy
Aya Onodera

All artists are based in Berlin.
“I can’t recall the melody, but it was beautiful.” is a Transmitter Art Project, 2019.

Opening evening: Monday, July 15, 19:00 - 22:00
On Display from: July 16 – 21, 2019

Opening times:
16/07: 16:00 – 21:00
17/07: 16:00 – 21:00
18/07: 16:00 – 21:00
19/07: 15:00 – 20:00
20/07: 15:00 – 20:00
21/07: 14:00 – 18:00

Transmitter | Allerstraße 15 | 12049 Berlin |
T: (030) 52 66 24 5-0


Public Collection

Aya Onodera's painting "Meerader 1" and "Fragments 3" become the public collection of Rias Ark Museum of Art, Japan.

小野寺綾の絵画作品の「Meerader - 海の脈1」と「Fragments - 世界のかけら3」が、宮城県公立美術館のリアス・アーク美術館のパブリックコレクションになりました。


-N.E.blood21 Vol.69 Aya Onodera solo show- at Rias Ark Museum of Art in Japan

February 9th Saturday - March 17th 2019 Sunday

admission Free

Rias Ark Museum of Art
138-5 Akaiwamakisawa, Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture 988-0171, Japan
+81 226-24-1611

Crosstalk event

Aya Onodera (Painter) x Kayo Kikuta (Glas artist)
Moderator : Hiroyasu Yamauchi (Deputy Direktor/Curator of Rias Ark Museum of Art)

9 February 2019 Saturday from 3pm - 4:30pm
High vision gallery at Rias Ark Museum of Art

Exhibition tour with artists

We will be together with artists looking the exhibitions .

10 March 2019 Sunday
3pm - 4 :30pm
At the Kenniki Gallery in Rias Ark Museum of Art➡n-e-blood-21%E3%80%80vol-68-菊田佳代展-vol-69-小野寺綾展/


N.E.blood21 Vol.69 小野寺綾展

2019年 2月9日 (土曜日) - 2019年 3月17日 (日曜日)

〒988-0171 宮城県気仙沼市赤岩牧沢138−5


小野寺綾 (画家) x 菊田佳代 (ガラス作家)
司会 山内宏泰 (リアス・アーク美術館副館長 / 学芸員)





助成 公益財団法人 朝日新聞文化財団
公益財団法人 野村財団


Aya Onodera solo show - Fragments at Gallery Turnaround

2019 2. 12th Tuesday - 2019 2. 24th Sunday

Gallery Turnanound
6-22 Ootemachi Sendai-shi Miyagi-ken 980-0805 Japan
+81 22-398-6413

Artist talk event

Aya Onodera x Kento Shimizu (curator of Sendai Mediatheque)
Moderator : Kinya Sekimoto (Gallery Turnaround)

2019 2. 24th Sunday from 1pm - 2:30pm
Gallery Turnaround

企画 小野寺綾展 - 世界のかけら

2019年 2月12日 火曜日 - 2019年 2月24日 日曜日

〒980-0805 宮城県仙台市青葉区大手町6-22


小野寺綾 x 清水建人(仙台メデイアテーク主任学芸員)
司会 関本欣也(ギャラリーターンアラウンド代表)



New catalogue will be publishing on 9th February 2019

Happy to announce about to publish Onoderas new catalogue !
This catalogue was designed by japanese graphic designer Yurie Hata.

From 9th of February 2019 at the Rias Ark Museum of Art in Kesennuma you can buy it directly.
Rias Ark Museum of Art
138-5 Akaiwamakisawa, Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture 988-0171, Japan
+81 226-24-1611

If you want to buy it via postal service, please let me know via message or email. []

Cost 12 Euro (included tax & Additional shipping fee)

新作品集『Fragments - 世界のかけら』が2019年2月9日より発行されました。

グラフィックデザイナー畑ユリエさんよりデザインされた新作品集『Fragments - 世界のかけら』が出来上がりました。日本の繊細なデザインと活版印刷の美しさが印象的な表紙になっております。

Rias Ark Museum of Art
138-5 Akaiwamakisawa, Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture 988-0171, Japan
+81 226-24-1611


価格 ¥1500 (税込 & 送料別)