Silent Auction

Today is a auction day. If you want to join it, you can join with the auction though the Internet. Thank you for watching it!


6 —10pm
Friday, December 15th, 2017

Silent Auction
3 — 7pm
Saturday, December 16th, 2017

The Drawing Hub
Gerichtstraße 12-13
13347 Berlin Germany
Aufgang 3/4. OG

Berlin, December 15, 2017 — To collect funds to continue on supporting the contemporary drawing art research and practice, The Drawing Hub, the nonprofit art program devoted to contemporary drawing, presents its first annual Silent Art Auction

I'm happy to announce that my three drawings "Tagebuch k" were selected to participate in the art auction held in the drawing hub on Saturday, December 16th.
Parts of the proceeds of this auction are used for the Drawing Hub project, for its supprt for next year.

The Owner of the Drawing Hub supported my hometown, Kesennuma - city when the east earthquake in Japan happened. That time I sold my drawing for the benefits of my hometown, and I could send a few benefits costs to my hometown.

I'm very happy when I can give some support for the people who helped my hometown that time.

The drawing hubでのサイレントオークション

この度、ベルリンのノンプロフィットのアートギャラリー、the drawing hubで、12月16日土曜日に開かれるアートオークションにドローイングシリーズ "日記 k"から3作品 が出品されることになりました。




Didactics 2016-17 | Ripartiamo dal privato

Case Sparse presents the results of the didactic workshops created from the works realized in the 2016 edition.

2017. 11. 25 Saturday
6.30 pm

Brescia, via Montebello, 21b, Italy


Monica Carrera | Francesca Damiano | Aya Onodera | Suppjei&Zanato | Joris Vercammen | 150 alunni della scuola secondaria


Art Auction

2017. 11. 24 Friday
6 pm Vernissage
7:30 pm start the auction

auctioneer: Georg Untersalmberger

Atrium der Deutschen Bank
Charlottenstraße 37/38
10117 Berlin, Germany

Donations will be requested upon entry/
Um Spenden beim Eintritt wird gebeten/

Catalog under/
Katalog unter/



東西古今 - all times and places

2016. 11. 15(Tu)- 11. 30(We)
Iksan Creation Center, Somrigol Gallery, Iksan, Southkorea


2016 2nd Art Residency festival in Jeonbuk

Iksan art Museum, Iksan, Southkorea


Stop Over


Iksan culture house, Iksan, South Korea.
(Information by Iksan Creation Center)



2016.09.23(F)~10.09.(Su) 17 days
Opening : 9.24(Sa) 4PM
*전시기간 중 휴관없이 매일 10am-6pm 관람하실 수 있습니다. except Monday
Gosaek-dong wastewater treatment plan, Suwon, Southkorea


Liberation of waterⅡ

2016 익산창작스튜디오 6기 입주작가 - 기획전시
Open Studio by 6th-term Residency Artists
Contemporary Art Exhibition

Period 26 August ~ 25 August 2016
Venue Iksan Creation Center
Hosted by Iksan Cultural Foundation
Organized by Iksan Creation Center
Supported by Jeollabuk-do Provincial Government, Foundation for Culture & Tourism, Arts Council Korea, Iksan City, Iksan Media Center Gemmi, Tour Dure in Iksan
Cooperated by Art District p, Bamboo Curtain Studio(Taipei), AM Planner(Berlin)


The Invitation to Artist in Residency from August until October 2016

Aya Onodera was selected for the invited artist residency 2016 of ICC (IKSAN Creation Center) Iksan, Southkorea.

小野寺綾は大韓民国イクサン市のICC (IKSAN Creation Center)のアーティストレジデンスの2016年の招待アーティストに選出されました。


The Invitation to Artist in Residency in July 2016

Aya Onodera was selected for the invited artist residency 2016 of Case Sparse _Residenza Artistica, Malonno, Italy.

小野寺綾はイタリアのカーサ スパルス_アーティストレジデンスの2016年の招待アーティストに選出されました。